Team Leader Resources

Sample Ask #1

Hi Don,

It’s Amplify Austin time and since I know how generous you are, you’ll likely be bombarded with appeals, so I’ll cut to the chase:  please join me and Matt in supporting Foundation Communities.

I first became aware of Foundation Communities shortly after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  I was at a meeting of agencies working with survivors who had evacuated from New Orleans.  While everyone there was well intentioned, the meeting seemed to be going nowhere.  Then a man stood up to speak.  With tears in his eyes, he made an impassioned plea and pledged a hotel he had just purchased to house survivors. I later learned that this man was Walter Moreau, the director of Foundation Communities.

Since then, I have had many opportunities to observe Foundation Communities in action and have been consistently impressed with their comprehensive approach to homelessness and housing affordability, their can-do attitude, and their heart.

Austin’s rapid growth has made housing affordability a crisis. Please join Matt and me in supporting Foundation Communities as they grow to serve more families. You can schedule a donation today and it will be processed March 2-3. Thank you!


Sample Ask #2

Hi Trena,

I’m supporting Foundation Communities during Amplify Austin this year, and I really hope you’ll join me! I don’t like to fundraise, in fact I never do, but I’m making an exception because of the little girl – Miley – who I used to tutor every Tuesday and Thursday at one of Foundation Communities’ Learning Centers.

On my first day, the Learning Center Coordinator told me Miley’s parents had recently split and she was falling behind in school. I was asked to spend my volunteer shifts reading with Miley, and encouraging her. What a privilege.

It took a little time, but Miley warmed up to me and we worked our way through Charlotte’s Web together. Eventually Miley started to do better in school and, most importantly, she started to enjoy it.

Sometimes all it takes is a little time and attention for a child to find her footing. Foundation Communities understands that. They serve over 1,000 kids in neighborhoods all over Austin through their after-school program. And you can see the results – their students earn a 3.5 GPA!

Will you help me help more kids succeed in school? Foundation Communities is building 3 new affordable housing communities this year and your gift will help provide the after-school program for these newest, littlest residents. You can schedule a donation here today for March 2-3. Please!


Sample Ask #3

Hi Louisa,

Remember back in the 90s when I spent my summers and spring breaks in Cabrini Green? How the kids I got to know and love there were reeling from the violence that had most recently claimed their 9-year-old friend? How they felt unsafe all the time – getting in elevators littered with needles, dodging dark hallways where the lights never worked, walking past liquor stores to get to their (failing) school?

I learned in Cabrini Green that where you grow up determines what opportunities you get in life. That broke my heart and made me desperately want to be part of the solution.

At Foundation Communities, finally I am.

We just opened our doors at three new affordable housing communities in neighborhoods all over Austin and by the end of 2017, we’ll open two more.

We’re giving kids a beautiful, safe place to grow up and all kinds of opportunities to fulfill their potential.

Will you help us bring our newest communities to life? I’d be honored if you’d consider giving to my Amplify Austin campaign. You can schedule a donation here today and it will be processed March 2-3. I promise your gift will make a deep impact.