Financial Stability

Matched Savings Program

Foundation Communities has been offering Matched Savings accounts to its residents since 1998. Matched Savings participants deposit into a special savings account at Greater Texas Federal Credit Union, and Foundation Communities matches each dollar saved. Accounts can be used for home purchase or college tuition.


Home Purchase

Currently, all slots for the Matched Savings Home Purchase Program are full. This program is now closed. Please call or email Dinorah Lopez at 512-610-7381, dinorah.lopez@foundcom.org if you have any questions.



Currently our Education Matched Savings program can only be accessed through our College Hub’s Succeed Program. Succeed is designed to provide a clear pathway into and through college for students who may face barriers to completing a college degree. Join Succeed to work with a college coach, receive matched savings for tuition, and access a range of support services as you work towards a degree or certificate. At the College Hub, you can also meet with a college coach, receive one-on-one guidance, complete your financial aid application or enroll in Free Minds.