Future Communities

Our Year Ahead

We are at an unprecedented moment in our organization’s history. Never before have we have had this many affordable housing communities under construction at the same time. Our waiting lists for housing have never been longer, and that’s why we keep growing. For many of our residents, finding Foundation Communities means charting a new path forward.

“This place has been the answer to my prayers,” said Allen, a resident at Capital Studios. “I now wake up each day with real purpose and joy.”

Please stay tuned for construction updates and leasing information.


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Lakeline Station Apartments

Opening 2016. Lakeline Station is located at 620 and 183 and will be home to 128 families. You can find more information at www.liveatLakelineStation.com. »



Live Oak Trails

Opening 2016. Live Oak Trails is located next to our Southwest Trails community in Oak Hill and will be home to 58 families. You can find more information at www.liveatLiveOakTrails.com. »



Bluebonnet Studios

Opening 2016. Bluebonnet Studios is located at Bluebonnet and South Lamar and will be home to 107 single adults, including low-wage workers, formerly homeless individuals, veterans, seniors and individuals with disabilities. You can find more information at www.liveatBluebonnet.com. »