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For more than 30 years, Foundation Communities has developed and managed attractive, service-enriched, affordable homes for thousands of people with low incomes, connecting them with resources that support economic and housing stability.

The ‘Welcome Home’ event is the only fundraising event we host each year. Our 2024 event will be held in October at one of our incredible properties in Austin, and will provide an opportunity to learn more and invest in this work.

2024 Sponsorship

Your investment will ensure we completely cover all event costs and proceeds help build capacity for education, financial wellness, and healthy living programs that can truly transform lives.

Thank you for considering a sponsorship!

Would you like to be a  Sponsor? Contact:

Day Fariss: 512-610-4009 / Day.Fariss@FoundCom.org

Nikki Krueger: 512-381-4567 / Nikki@FoundCom.org


We don’t sell tickets, plates or tables to this luncheon. Instead, we ask our most committed supporters to become Table Hosts. Table Hosts invite like-minded friends and colleagues who are committed to affordable housing and have the capacity to invest in our communities. 

Would you like to be a Table Host? Please call Day Fariss at 512-610-4009, email day.fariss@foundcom.org.

Thanks to our 2023 Sponsors!

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