Meet Our Staff

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Executive Leadership

  • Walter Moreau, Executive Director
  • Julian Huerta, Deputy Executive Director



  • Marisela Montoya, Director of Education
  • Erika Gonzalez, 21st Century Projects Director
  • Ashley Hernandez, Education Programs Administrative Assistant
  • Kelsie Lang, Adult Education Program Manager
  • Emmanuel Zapata, Adult Education Program Coordinator
  • Amelia Pace-Borah, Academic Director of Free Minds Project
  • Zoë Fay-Stindt, Program Coordinator of Free Minds Project
  • For Learning Center Coordinators at each of our communities, please visit the Housing section of our website


Financial Stability

  • Kori Hattemer, Director of Financial Programs
  • Jaime Ayala, Cash for College Program Specialist
  • Natasha Brockington, College Hub Manager
  • Ana Castillo, Administrative Coordinator
  • Stephanie Chavarria, Outreach Coordinator
  • Sarita Contreras, Cash for College Program Specialist
  • Chris Cordova, Financial Education Coordinator
  • Haley Czarnek, College Hub Program Specialist
  • Alice Graulty, Special Projects Coordinator
  • Erika Leos, Financial Coaching Coordinator
  • Linda Paulson, Tax Services Manager
  • Aida Ramirez, Cash for College Program Coordinator (FAFSA)



  • Andrea Albalawi, Director of Health Initiatives
  • Bianca Enriquez, Health Initiatives Manager
  • Elizabeth Colvin, Insure Central Texas (ICT) Director
  • Arianna Anaya, ICT Health Insurance Navigator


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Resident Services

  • Mario Cortez, Director of Supportive Housing
  • Sofia Barbato, Supportive Services Program Supervisor
  • Angie Carillo, Bilingual Integrated Services Navigator
  • Valerie Prado, Housing Placement Specialist
  • Cacki Young, Special Housing Programs Coordinator



  • Ann Clift, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mary Landgraf, Accounts Payable Administrator
  • Anna Mitchell, Property Accountant
  • Jean Savvas, Staff Accountant
  • Shawn White, Accounts Payable Clerk


Asset Management

  • Vicki McDonald, Director of Asset Management
  • Jerry Keithley, Senior Maintenance Team Lead
  • Juan Campos, Maintenance Team Lead
  • Wesley DeContie, Asset Manager
  • Brandon Lechner, Risk & Safety Manager
  • Paula Suchland, Asset Project Manager
  • Emma Starkman, Sustainability Manager
  • Katelynn Essig, Sustainability Education Coordinator
  • Susan Peterson, Sustainability Specialist


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Community Engagement

  • Peachy Myers, Director of Community Engagement
  • Julia Aguilar, Event Planner
  • Rebecca Giddings, Graphic Designer
  • Alyssa Gooch, Data Coordinator
  • Alyah Khan, Communications Coordinator
  • Donna Williams, Community Outreach Manager
  • Jackie Blair Cuellar, Director of Volunteer Programs
  • Eliana Brant, Financial Stability Volunteer Coordinator
  • Meghan Hein, Community Building Volunteer Coordinator
  • Gwen Moore, Community Tax Centers Volunteer Coordinator



  • Julie Ann Candoli, Director of Institutional Giving
  • Anne Herman, Grant Writer
  • Miranda Spiro, Grants and Contracts Administrator
  • Rachel Wise, Grant Writer


Human Resources

  • Julie Roebuck, Director of Human Resources
  • Zahra Durrani, Human Resources Generalist
  • Dorys Gomez, Payroll Administrator
  • Cassandra Lozano, Human Resources Coordinator


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Property Development

  • Sabrina Butler, Director of Housing Finance
  • Tillie Croxdale, Real Estate Project Manager
  • Megan Matthews, Design and Construction Director


Property Management

  • Sandra Lumley, Property Management Director
  • Kristy Bowers, Supportive Property Supervisor
  • Desiree Golden, District Manager/Property Supervisor
  • Mandy Stephens, Assistant District Manager
  • Tracy Moczygemba, Director of Compliance
  • Valicia Nichols, Compliance Audit & Training Manager
  • Kristina Thompson, Senior Compliance Analyst
  • For Property Managers at each of our communities, please visit the Housing section of our website.


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