Meet Our Staff

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Executive Leadership

  • Walter Moreau, Executive Director
  • Marisela Montoya, Chief Program Officer
  • A. Clift, Chief Financial Officer
  • Vicki McDonald, Chief Real Estate Officer




Asset Management

  • Vicki McDonald, Chief Real Estate Officer
  • Juan Campos, Maintenance Team Lead
  • Wesley DeContie, Asset Manager
  • Katelynn Essig, Sustainability Manager
  • Joe Gonzalez, Asset Manager
  • Jerry Keithley, Senior Maintenance Team Lead
  • Dana Munguia, Risk & Safety Manager
  • Kate Saunders, Asset Project Manager
  • Paula Suchland, Asset Project Manager



  • Erika Gonzalez, 21st Century Projects Director
  • Isaac Rosales, Education Programs Manager
  • Jennifer Atwood, Data and Operations Coordinator
  • Emmanuel Zapata, Adult Education Program Manager
  • For Learning Center Coordinators at each of our communities, please visit the Housing section of our website


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Prosper Programs

  • Kori Hattemer, Director of Prosper Programs
  • Lauren Katz, Operations Manager
  • Tamira Armwood, Senior Program Manager, Health Coverage
  • Bernie Villalpando, Client Support Specialist
  • Osjah Brown, Operations Coordinator
  • Stephanie Chavarria, Outreach Coordinator
  • Susie Colca, Client Support Specialist
  • Julie Killingsworth, Data Manager
  • Gaby Mordi, PACES Project Manager
  • For College Hub Staff, please visit the College Hub page
  • For Financial Wellness Staff, please visit the Financial Wellness page


Corporate & Volunteer Engagement

  • Jackie Blair Cuellar, Director of Corporate & Volunteer Engagement
  • Andrea Bullock, Volunteer Support Specialist
  • Eliana Brant, Senior Volunteer Coordinator
  • Meghan Hein, Senior Volunteer Coordinator
  • Miller Wilbourn, Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Nikki Krueger, Corporate Engagement Manager
  • Ryan Neubauer, Volunteer Coordinator



  • Julie Ann Candoli, Director of Institutional Giving
  • Sierra Randall, Senior Manager of Grants and Data Administration
  • Kevin Fincher, Senior Grant Writer
  • Shannon Thorne Nash, Senior Grant Writer
  • April Richard, Grant Writer
  • Jenny King, Grant Writer
  • Maddy Hitchcock, Data Manager
  • Miriam Castro-Gutierrez, Grants Administration Assistant
  • Diana Still, Grants Reporting Specialist


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  • Vacant, Director of Health Initiatives
  • Margarita “Rita” Ortega, Health and Nutrition Manager
  • Tiffany Nicely-Williams, Clinical Support Services Manager
  • Bianca Enriquez, Health Program Manager
  • Arianna Anaya, Health Coverage Program Manager
  • Clisha D’Souza, Public Relations and Outreach Specialist


Human Resources

  • Kathleen Peschel, Director of Human Resources
  • Dorys Gomez, Payroll Administrator
  • Cecilia Lopez, HR Specialist-Recruiting & Hiring
  • Cynthia Pina, HR Specialist – Benefits & Leaves

Individual Giving and Engagement

  • Day Fariss, Director of Individual Giving and Engagement
  • Megan Sappenfield, Donor Relations Manager
  • Vivian Garza, Development Coordinator
  • David Roberts, Donor Database Administrator
  • Norris Deajon, Communications and Marketing Manager
  • Miranda Roberts, Fundraiser and Relationship Builder


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North Texas Services

  • Mary Young, Director of NTX Programs
  • Ronnie Daniels, Dir. of Dallas Community Tax Center Programs
  • Michelle Beltran, Senior Manager of Community Programs
  • Yenifer Rivera, COVID Resource Coordinator


Property Development

  • Sabrina Butler, Director of Real Estate Development
  • Luis Contreras, Real Estate Project Manager
  • Tillie Croxdale, Real Estate Project Manager
  • Anna Lake-Smith, Development Project Manager
  • Megan Matthews, Director of Design
  • Michelle Le, Associate Project Manager


Property Management

  • Desiree Golden, Director of Family Property Management
  • Mandy Lewis, District Manager for Family Properties
  • Lila Wilds, District Manager for Family Properties
  • Yahaira Barrios, District Manager, Family Property Management
  • Maria Deacon, Property Training Manager
  • Tracy Moczygemba, OneSite Manager
  • Shandeli Markley, SRO Training Manager
  • Valicia Nichols, Director of Compliance
  • Kimberly Coldren, Senior Compliance Analyst
  • Paul Mariani, Compliance Analyst
  • Joann Camarillo, Section 811 Coordinator
  • Kristina Thompson, Compliance Audit and Training Manager
  • For Property Managers at each of our communities, please visit the Housing section of our website.


Resident Services

  • Danette Lopez Garza, Director of Family Supportive Housing
  • Angie Rodriguez, Housing Placement Specialist
  • Valerie Prado, Housing Placement Coordinator


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Supportive Housing Management

  • Cacki Young, Director of Supportive Housing Management
  • Sofia Barbato, Supportive Housing Services Supervisor
  • Charissa Sellers, District Manager Supportive Housing
  • Shandeli Markley, SRO Property Training Manager
  • Joseph Castongue, Front Desk Operations Manager


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