After-School and Summer Learning Programs

Dreaming Big

More than 400 children attend our free after-school and summer learning programs at our on-site Learning Centers. We focus on academic success, as well as fun enrichment activities.



The children and teens who we serve excel at school and maintain a B+ average or above. We work closely with neighborhood schools and teachers to ensure students are meeting their academic goals and provide one-on-one support for the students who need it most. We also actively engage parents in their children’s education by encouraging their participation in our programs.

Hard-working parents depend on our after-school
and summer programs located right where they live.

In addition to promoting academic success, we target childhood obesity
through fun fitness activities and health and nutrition education.

 Austin Learning Centers

 North Texas Learning Centers

About our Community Learning Centers

Foundation Communities’ on-site Learning Centers are the hub for all of our education programs. The Learning Centers are home to our after-school and summer programs for children and teens and our English as a Second Language classes for adults. The Learning Centers are the heart of our communities – a place where residents can gather and build lasting relationships.

By providing education programs right where people live, we eliminate the barriers of transportation, cost and childcare.