Home Builders

In 2006, Foundation Communities launched a special circle of supporters called Home Builders. These are our donors who make a multi-year investment in our work, enabling us to grow in planned, strategic, deeply impactful ways. 100% of our Home Builders’ pledges help fund the successful on-site education, financial stability, and health programs that empower our residents and neighbors to truly transform their lives. All of the folks below hold a very special place in our hearts.

Lee and Paula Aaronson
Jim Adams and Jana McCann
Susan Adler
Tenley and Horatio Aldredge
Jamie Allen
Paula and Gary Amaon
David Amelang
Larry and Kathryn Anderson
Cindy Anderson
Barbara Andre
Nancy Andrews
Jay and Allison Angell
Paula Angerstein and Paul Grosso
Susan Ansorge
Penny Appleby
Helen and Anthony Aristar-Dry
Kay Arnold and Tom Edge
Jewel Arrington and Paul Van Osselaer
Tom and Robbie Ausley
Jade and Greg Ausley
Austin Humanist Community
Bob and Margy Ayers
Todd Bailey
Linda Bailey
Jeffrey Baloutine
Sonya Band
Chuck and Judy Barbato
Thomas Barker
Katheryn Barlow-Williams
Tina Barrett
NitaKuwa Barrett
Winona Barron
Karen Bartoletti
Michelle Batte
Angie Bealko
Luke Beausoleil
Becky Beaver
Ken and Joyce Beck
Britt Behrens
Martha Behrens
Michael and Abbie Bejrowski
Amy Bell
Todd and Cindy Bell
Bob and Vicky Bergin
Jason Berkowitz
Richard and Judith Berkowitz
Sumina Bhatti
Jay Billig
Vicki and Steven Blachman
Andrea Black
Mary Black
Louis Black and Sandra K. Boone
Paula Blaha and Bob Nelson
Karen Blair
Tom and Debbie Blair
Mark and Paige Blake
Deering Blazer
Hayden and Michael Blood
Michele and Fred Blood
Jonathan and Yvette Boatwright
Valinda Bolton and Andy Hathcock
Martha Boethel and Catherine Warren
Anne Boyd
Elizabeth and Jim Bradbury
Jenny Brannen
Mary and Elliott Bray
Jack and Marian Breen
Gaye Brewer
Raymond and Karen Brimble
Ashley Brinkman
Johannes and Liza Brinkmann
Blake and Hobson Brown
Kevin L. Brown
Joe Brown
Lacey and Chris Brown
Kathleen Bucher
Patricia and Ross Buchholtz
Sean Bukowski
Kate and Ed Burgess
Ann and Bill Burke
John Burnham
Doug Burns
Ayanna Burns
Charles Burton
Carla Burzyk and Stephanie Smith
Meta Butler Hunt
Christie and Clint Bybee
Nancy Byrd and Bill Moore
Clay Byrne
Paul and Laura Byrne
Brendan Callahan
Debbie and Lee Cameron
Mary Campana
Allison and Micah Campbell
Sarah Campbell
Pat Campbell and Don Carnes
Andy Cantu
Maria Cantu Hexsel
Phil and Jane Capron
Lorie and Miguel Cardoza
Art Carpenter
Bob and Jennifer Carson
Lonnie and P.B. Carton
Evan Carton and Janis Bergman-Carton
Ruth Casarez
Monica and Michael Cation
Perla Cavazos
Dennis and Christine Cavner
CCG Capital
Grayson Cecil
Amy Chamberlain and Doug Addison
Mario Champion and Laurie Filipelli
Matthew Chaney
Nu Chanpheng
Elizabeth and Nathaniel Chapin
Jess Chapin and Laurie Eiserloh
Morgan and Ryan Chapple
Socar Chatmon-Thomas
Tom Chmielewski and Eliza Platts-Mills
Ken and Laura Cho
Jane Chopp
Michael Chu and Tina Jiang
Ken and Mercedes Ciani
Cari Clark
Dick Clark
Mark and France Clausen
Andrew and Amy Clements
Ann Clift
Katie and Fred Coburn
Aan Coleman
Daniel Colimon
E. Ray Collins and Elizabeth Love
Ani Colt and Preston Tyree
A. Elizabeth Colvin
Jeanne and Richard Connell
Carrie Contey
Frank and Lynn Cooksey
Greg Cooper
Nancy Cooper
Brian and Brittany Copland
Julie and Rob Cowan
John Cowher and Sarah McLean
Carla Cox
Ken Craig
Pam Craig
Kaycee and Brandon Crisp
Merri Cronk
Steve Crorey
Mona Crum
Rebecca and CH Crutchfield
Teresa Cue
Adrianna Cuellar and Jr Rojas
Leslie Cullers
Elizabeth Cullingford
Rachel Cummins
Tom Cummins
Clemmie Cummins and Mark Stine
Rosalyn Curry
Janice and Roland Curry
Ronda Dahlke Gray
Alexia Dauterive
Michael and Julie DaSilva
Yolanda Davila
Becky Davis
Charlotte and Byron Davis
Kerri Davis
Wendy Davis and Alan Schoenbaum
Justin Day
Holly and Phillip DeLeon
Gloria DeLeon
Natalie Dean
Heather Deatherage
Susan deGraffenried
Michelle Dekay
Bill and Diane DeMeo
Jan Demetri
Mary and Charles Dickerson
Herb Dickson and Sandra Villalaz
Ryan Diepenbrock
Donald and Lynn Dille
Jennifer Dillie
Wendy Dittmer
Carol Dochen
John and Anne Donovan
Estrellita Doolin
Cathryn and Bronson Dorsey
Sharon and Noble Doss
James and Christina Dowis
Scott Downey
George and Molly Drazic
Susan Driver
Lisa Duchon
Kris Dudley
Matt Dungan
Wendy Dunnam Tita
Nick Easley
Bruce Elfant and Lisa Harris
Benjamin and Sarah Ellinor
Dan and Andrea Ellinor
Stephanie Emory
Leslie Ernst
Laura Evans and Margot Marshall
Maggie and Tom Falvey
Forrest and Rachelle Fauth
Michael and Rachel Feferman
Frances Ferguson
Kristin Fischer
Jeremy Fisher
Narda and Keith Fisher
Shawna Fletcher
Jane Flieller
Kristen Fojtik
William Forbath
Rebecca and Ada Forbes
Sherrie and Robert Frachtman
Megan Frederick
Brooke and Peter Freeland
Julie and Fred Frey
Elizabeth Ann Friou
Kim Fry
Emma Fuentes
John and Cristina Fuerst
Jennifer Furl and Peter Weber
Helen Gaebler and David Adelman
Kristin and Lowell Galindo
Rosemary and Bill Galloway
Ryan Gamble
Carrie Gammell and Seth Goodman
Armando and Beverly Garcia
Juan and Melissa Garcia
Barclay Garman
Donna Garrett and Caroline Scott
Cheryl and Jim George
Jane and John German
Lora Ann and Steve Gerson
April and Mike Geruso
Carol Gibbs

Lizan and Bob Gilbert
Scott and Andrea Ginder
Kelvin Glover
Carolyn and James Goldston
Angelique Goodnough
Bob and Vikki Goodwin
Wendy Gordon and Steve Kostelnik
Steven Gorman
Dick and Linda Goss
Grant Gottesman
Meredith Gouthier
Shelly Grabe
Nikki Graham
Ann Graham and Arlen W. Johnson
Dara Gray
Meredith Gray
Christi Greene
Vive Griffith and Chris Cavello
Andrea Griswold and Larry Graham
Rosalind Gutierrez
Bob and Michaela Hachtel
Mike and Jean Haggerty
Cynthia Hamilton
Janet Hamilton
Jennifer Hamlin
Josh and Denae Haney
Larry and Catherine Hanrahan
John Harcourt and Sue Ellen Stavrand
John and Joyce Harmon
Margaret Harren
Sarah Harriman
John Harris
Lisa Harris and Bruce Elfant
Bill and Sarah Harrison
Bill and Ann Harrison
Dusty and Melanie Harshman
Rani Harslem Clasquin and Eric Harslem
David Hart
Peggy Hart
Karen Haslund
Kay and Walton Hastings
Tom Hatch
Bill Hayes
Jane and Peter Hayman
Mary and Edmund Healy
Jane Hedgepeth
Susan Heinzelman
Michael Helferich
Michelle Hendrix
Jay and Annisa Hendrix
Jen Henry
Jennifer and Scott Henry
Eva Hernandez-Simmons and Tyson Simmons
Hilary Herrin
Charlotte Herzele and Mark Saleby
Cathy and Karl Herzog
Lisa and Sam Hildebrand
Joan and David Hilgers
Jeff and Lisa Hill
Terry Hiner and Tom Watkins
Carla Hitz
Dawnetta Hodge
Alan Holt
Amy and Todd Holt
William Hopkins
Mary Hoppin
Joy Horak-Brown
Deborah Hornickel
Susann Horton
Cherry and David Hoskins
Elizabeth Howard
Katie Howard Claflin
Priscilla Hubenak
Joan and Paul Hudson
Martha Hudson
Toni Hudson
Julian Huerta
Craig Hughes
Jenni and Brad Hummel
Brian and Nancy Hurd
Jeff and Candace Hutchens
Imagecraft Exhibits
Don and Jeannine Inbody
Kathy Jacobs
David and Sharon Jamail
Arlen and Betty Jameson
Sarah Janecka
Christina Jarvis
Julie Jary
John and Linda Jefferson
Jane Jenkins
Ben Jennings
Ellen Jockusch
Carol and Kim Johnson
Drew Johnson
Monica Johnson
Courtney Johnson
Patton and Katherine Jones
Mary Kahle
Jo and Kal Kallison
Matt Kaufmann
Nora Keane
Joe and Cara Keenan
Frana Keith
Alicia Kelley
William and Paula Kemp
Lisa Kennedy
Fred and Margy Kennedy
Jim and Carolyn Kerr
Meryl and Ron Kettler
Andrew and Sonja Kever
Atiq and Amina Khan
Julie Killingsworth and Tony D’Anna
Lois Kim and Phillip Reed
Ashley Kimbell
David King
Stephen and Gwen Kinney
Tara Kirkland
Aileen Kishi
Ann Kitchen and Mark Yznaga
Emily and Jim Kochanski
Noreen and Jim Koerner
Mike and Rhonda Kolar
Kimberley and Kelly Koonce Family Foundation
Jennifer Korba
Whitney and Zach Knight
Mark and Terri Knox
Casey and Ashli Knust
Fara Kosari
Tammy Bazar Kress and Tim Kress
Joe Kruppa and Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa
Mike and Alice Kuhn
Steve Laas
Mary Lange and John Wilson
Max Langert
Eleanor Langsdorf
Gretchen Lara-Shartle
Kristi Larkham
Dick Lavine and Chula Sims
Kieu Le
Tim and Karrie League
Blanca Leahy
Justin Leahy
Max and Dana Leaman
Larry Lee
Susie Lee and Larry Huong
Eric Leibrock and Ellen Justice
Angela and Jim Lennon
Courtney Lepore
Barrett and Melissa Lepore
Matt and Lindsey Levin
Marchelle Levy
Tara Levy
Joanna Linden
Mark Littlefield
Carmen Llanes Pulido
Stephen Lobo
Laurie Logue
Jim Lommori
Paul Long
Jennifer and Walter Long
Susan Long
Kyle and Maria Longley
Joseph Longton
Perry and Sheridan Lorenz
Amy and James Loughlin
Claudette Lowe
Mary Jo Lucas
Adrian Lufschanowski
Ed and Eileen Lundy
Bruce and Judy MacKenzie
Karen Macko
Nancy Maclaine
Hester and Jim Magnuson
Cassandra Majors
Rachael Mardegian and Scott Wilcox
Michael and Lindsay Maresh
Freddy Marichal and Eileen Smith
Dave Marmion
Cari Marshall and Eric DeValpine
Shannon and Eddie Martinez
Al and Leslie Martinich
Cheri Martz
Margaret Massad
Terry and Susan Matheny
John and Margaretta Mathis
David and Vicki Matustik
Jarrel and Luci Maurice
David Mauzy II
Peter Maxson and John Taylor III
Karen Mayes
Jennifer Mayfield
Pam and Scott McAfee
Annes McCann Baker and Ron Baker
Michael McCants
Gigi and Richard McClaskey
Scott McCown and Maura Powers
Nancy McCranie
Meredith McDaniel and Hung-Jung Chang
Angie McDowell
Greg Barbutti and Mike McElhaney
John McEwan
John and Jill McFarland
John and Katherine McGhee
Kevin McGillicuddy
Eileen McGinnis and Sol Swores
Amanda and Scott McGuckin Hager
Frances and Jim McIntyre
Kelli McLaughlin
Sarah and John McLean
Mary McLeod
Melanie McLeroy
Carol McMurty Fowler
Kim and Kevin McPherson
Andrea McShane
Paige Menking
Katrina Meredith
Wolf and Marianne Metzner
Luci and Jarrel Miller
John and Lynn Miller
Trent Miller
David Mintz and Sherri Barras
Terry and Patricia Mitchell
Steve and Ellen Miura
Maranda Mobley and Braze McClain
Cross Moceri
Nick Barbaro and Susan Moffat
Keith and Sybil Momii
Denise Moody
Karen Moody
Walter and Carolyn Moreau
Emily Moreland
Emily Morris
Leslie Morris
Judy and Doug Moss
Paul Mowry
Peter and Melanie Mullan
Patricia Murphy
Sharon Murray
Ellen and Alan Muskin
Muskin Commercial, LLC
Suzy, Scott, Gus & Charlie Myers Jackson
Aaron Nann

William Nash Jr.
Katie Navine and Scott Phelps
Amanda and Brad Neff
Heather Nichols
Frank S. and Kathleen D. Niendorff
Nona Niland
Jim and Martha Norman
Greg Norrel
Kay and Dale Oder
Jody O’Donnell
Bob and Molly Ogorzaly
Gina O’Hara
June Oliver
Alex and Rachel Oliver
Janie Orr
Marylin Orton and Rosalyn Clifton
Susan Orum
Donna and William Osborn
Joe and Carolyn Osborn
Jennifer O’Sullivan
Gretchen Otto
Mary and David Overton
Sharon Ozbun
Angela Pack-Zia
John Padalino
Suzie Page Whitworth
Jessica Palvino
Stephanie Pan
Hannah Papermaster
Edward and Judy Parken
Linda and Paul Parrish
Gregg and Melody Parsons
Monica Patel
Mary Patrick
Melinda and Ray Pawlikowski
Linda Pedersen and Andrew Brown
Becky Pemberton
Stephen Pence
Bill and Darlene Pendell
Wes and Karen Peoples
Harriet Peppel
Marisa Perales
Stephanie Perrone
Mike and Eileen Pestorius
Tracy Picone
Robert Pilgrim
Michelle Piperi Board
Melissa Plicque
Keith Pool
Jennita Poston
Ann Bishop and Penny Potter
Cathy and Randy Present
Mellie Price and Elizabeth Myers
Audrey and Bryan Pudder
Carolyn Purcell
Jason and Kerri Qunell
Sarah Railey
Tara and Robert Rainey
Rainmaker Document Technologies
Pauravi Rana, M.D.
Bob and Jamie Rankin
Ande and Beth Rasmussen
Doug and Joy Rauls
Ann Rayborn
Teresa Recar
Robert and Shawn Reed
Shannon Reeve
Gail Reid
Annette Renaud
Jason and Holly Reneau
Christine Rhode
Gina and Marty Richardson
Susan Richter and Win Bent
Alison Riemersma
Lynda Rife and Wally Vog
Peter and Eva Riley
Virginia and Michael Riley
Marisela Rios
Catherine Robb
Bob and Kristin Roberts
Jack and Susan Robertson
Deborah and Eric Robertson
Ryan and Angel Rodenbeck
Jennifer Rodgers
Ryan Rogers
Kindra and Carlos Rodriguez
Paula Rojas
Tom and Peggy Romberg
Patrick Rose
Alice and Peter Rose
Kathryn Ross
Leeann Rountree Marcie
Melissa and Colin Rowan
Kirk and Amy Rudy
Cathy Rudzinski
Linda Ryfe and Wally Vog
Martha-Cary Sadler
Michael Said
Scot and Anita Salmon
Barbara Salyers
Dick Sanger
Mary Sanger
Shanda Sansing and Dave Fox
Nona and Andy Sansom
Alda Santana
Gwen and Joseph Santiago
Cookie Saunders
David and Stephanie Savage
Nancy Scanlan
Julie and Richard Schechter
Jeffrey and Elle Schnabel
Tommy Seargeant
Selina Serna and Martin Wiedenmeier
Lauren Shallcross
Sue Sharlot
Ed and Molly Sharpe
Syd Sharples
Jayson Shaw
Brigid Shea and John Umphress
Robin and Gene Shepherd
Dina and Joel Sherzer
Mark and Amy Shields
Cord Shiflet
Andrew Shih
Matt and Paige Shober
Susie and Jesse Shockley
Jev Sikes
Bill and Audrey Simmons
Amy and Jack Skaggs
Danielle Skidmore
Clifford Skolnick
Charlotte Slack
Cathleen and Shawn Slack
Colin and Lindsey Slagle
Steve and Judy Smith
Bea Ann Smith
Jennifer and Jon Smith
Jon Smith
Chuck Smith
Michael Smith
Sandra Smith-Gray
Jan Soifer and Pat O’Connell
Kathy Sokolic
Dale and Stephen Sonnenberg
Nathalie Sorrell
Bill and Niyanta Spelman
Jim and Linda Spigelmire
Judge Susan Steeg and Sarah Calvert
Brooke Steele
Eric and Shari Stein
Tony and Leigh Stein
Greg Steinberg
Beth Stevens
John Stevenson
Laura and Andrew Stewart
Matt and Tiffany Stillwell
Gretchen Stone and Bill Grubb
Joseph and Lanie Strickland
Carl and Claire Stuart
Chris and Alison Stutzman
Candice Sullivan
David Sullivan and Mary Baughman
Joel and Elisa Sumner
David and Jean Tandy
Janie and Jon Taylor
Ingrid and James Taylor
Shelia Taylor
Ian Tennant
Tom and Colleen Terkel
Patrick and Kathy Terry
Dyana Thomas
Rachel Thomas
John Thomason
Jacob Thorwart
Peter and Carol Torgrimson
Kathie Tovo and Tom Hurt
Amy Tran
Deborah Trejo
Amanda and Ivan Trevino
David Tripoli
Tony and Dusty Trungale
Tyson and Nicole Tuttle
Kathy Tyler
Cristina Valdes
Libby Valenti
Julie Valentine
Stacey Van De Graff
Jackie and Steve VanErp
Jorge Vasquez
Lee Walker and Jennifer Vickers
Nora Wall
Melanie Walter-Mahoney and Tim Mahoney
Martha Ward
Bill Warnick
Catherine Warren and Martha Boethel
Daniel and MeKelle Waters
Sharon Watkins
Cinde Weatherby
Beverly Weaver
Greg and Jessica Weaver
Karen Weber
Joelyn Weeks
Lori Cook and Jacob Wegmann
Andrea and Kyle Weisheimer
Doug and Karen Weissinger
JoAnn and Claude Welles
Jon Wells
Stephen and Gabrielle Wertheimer
Ginny and Chris West
Jackie Gilbert and Suzanne Whatley
Michael Whellan and Margaret Menicucci
Sibyl White
Summer Whitten
Barbara Wiederaenders
David and Laura Wieland
Sandy Wilder
Mark and Linda Williams
Dee Dee and Gregg Wilson
Evelyn Jo Wilson and Carol Bennett
Kirk Wilson and Donna Johnson
Chuck Winkley
Cornelia Wolf and Samuel Wilson
Candace Wolfe
Gail Worrell
Melissa Wright
Avis Wukasch
Canan Yetmen and Lee Bash
Carrie York
Jim Young
Kathie Younghans
Bobby and Jill Zamen
Randy and Shelley Ziehe
Stacey and Mitchell Zoll
Diana Zuniga