Back to School Drive

For many families, the pandemic brought financial hardships. It also revealed that the lack of technological devices and internet access lower-income families face at home, the so-called “digital divide,” is an even bigger obstacle than we thought. For this reason, we need your support for Foundation Communities’ Back to School Drive more than ever.

Our annual Back to School Drive supports the kids who attend after-school programs in the 14 Foundation Communities Learning Centers where they live. As we prepare to reopen our doors and send kids back to school in person, we need your help to set students up for success in the 2021-22 school year. Your donations will help us purchase backpacks filled with supplies, laptops, educational software and after-school meals for more than 600 students.

The drive officially runs July 19th – 23rd. But, you can donate today and get your friends involved by setting up your fundraising network, and by sharing posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Learn more and get started on our Back to School Drive DONATIONS PAGE.