CTC Volunteer Certification

You must attend the training PRIOR to taking the certification test. If you have not done so, please stop now and contact Gwen at gwen.moore@foundcom.org to register for training.

What You’ll Need

What You’ll Do

Use pen and paper to answer the test and retest questions in the 6744 booklet. Some questions will require using the TaxSlayer Practice Lab. Once you’re comfortable with your answers, log in to the actual online certification test and simply transfer your answers to submit for grading. The online test may use questions from the “test” or “retest” questions in 6744 booklet, which is why you’ll want to answer them all before you log in.

What if you don’t pass the test on the first try? Don’t worry. The website will tell you which questions are wrong so that you can change your answers and try again. Consider coming to one of our popular group testing support sessions for additional help – there’s a reason they’re so popular!


STEP 1:  Open the 6744 booklet to the “Volunteer Standards of Conduct (Ethics) Training” section on page 11. Complete the “Test Questions” as well as the “Retest Questions.” Remember, you should use your Pub 4012 and Pub 17 as references.

STEP 2:  The next section of the 6744 is “Intake/Interview and Quality Review” starting on page 21. Complete the “Test Questions” and the “Retest Questions.”

STEP 3:  Move on to the Basic Course Scenarios on page 25. You’ll be able to answer the first several questions with just your reference materials, the Pub 4012 and Pub 17.

STEP 4:  When you get to Scenario 7, it’s time to login to the TaxSlayer Practice Lab. You’ll use the software to complete a tax return based on the remaining scenarios.

TaxSlayer Practice Lab link: https://vita.taxslayerpro.com/IRSTraining

You’ll be prompted to enter a generic passcode: TRAINPROWEB

Then enter your username and password that you used during the classroom training. Refer to your password sheet.

This is not the test site, just a tool to prepare a practice tax return. Make as many errors and corrections as you’d like. Create as many returns as you’d like. You’re the only one who will be able to see your Practice Lab!

Some tips when using the Practice Lab:

  • The software will save your practice returns even after you log out, so any data you enter will affect the return from that point forward.
  • Social Security numbers in the Form 6744 scenarios will have 5 actual digits and then 4Xs (example: 137-00-XXXX). When you enter the number, use the first 5 digits provided in the scenario and then any 4 digits of your choice, but write them down in your booklet so you can find those practice returns again.

Continue working through the scenarios using the Practice Lab. Make note of your answers in your book. You can stop at the end of the Basic section if you plan to certify only to the Basic level.

STEP 5:  You’re nearly done! Time to enter your responses into the official test-taking website.

Link and Learn testing site: www.linklearncertification.com

Click on “Create Account.” Yes, you’ll need to create another login and username and make note of them on your password sheet. Our staff cannot access your login and password, so please write them down!

Start with the Volunteer Standards of Conduct Test. Transfer the answers from your book into the computer-based test. Pay close attention because they flip-flop between the test and the retest questions!

Notes for the testing site:

  • The test is NOT timed.
  • You can log in and log out as you need to.
  • A passing score is 80%, and you have two chances to pass.
  • Once you’ve completed and entered your answers, you will be given a chance to review. Take the review seriously. Make sure you haven’t made any errors transferring your answers from your book.
  • Your score will pop up immediately when you make the final submission.

STEP 6:  Once you’ve passed, print the “volunteer agreement” as proof. Return to the home page of the site and select “Click here to print volunteer agreement” at the top right. Click the box for electronic signature or print it and sign it by hand. Print extra copies; you’ll need to take a copy to each site where you volunteer. Then send a copy to Gwen Moore at:

Email: gwen.moore@foundcom.org

Fax: 512-916-4420

Mail: Foundation Communities, 2600 W Stassney, Austin, TX 78745

Gwen must have your signed volunteer agreement before you begin volunteering!

If you run into problems (or just need a pep talk), contact Gwen at gwen.moore@foundcom.org or 512-610-7967.