Financial Stability

Emergency Assistance for Residents

Our Utility Assistance program assists current Foundation Communities residents in Austin who are having temporary difficulty paying their utility bills because of a recent job loss, serious illness, or other emergency.

About 175 residents avoid eviction or utility service disruption each year through the Emergency Assistance Program.


Schedule an appointment

You can schedule an appointment through an on-site staff member such as a Property Manager, Resident Services Coordinator, Case Manager, or Learning Center Coordinator.


Who is eligible?

Emergency Assistance is available for residents of Foundation Communities housing who have recently experienced an emergency situation such as job loss, illness or injury.


What to expect

When applying for Emergency Assistance, you will be asked to:

  • Create a budget that shows your current income and expenses

  • Demonstrate that an emergency occurred, such as job loss, illness or injury, which caused you to need assistance

  • Outline a plan for future self-sufficiency

For help with rent and other critical bills

Foundation Communities residents may apply for Emergency assistance if they are having a hard time paying rent or another critical bill. A critical bill is one that would jeopardize your housing, health or employment if not paid.

For help with Austin Energy utility bill

Foundation Communities residents can apply for Utility Assistance if they are having a hard time paying their Austin Energy utility bill and are at risk of having your electricity shut off.

You are not eligible for Utility Assistance if:

  • You need help paying the deposit

  • You are an employee of Foundation Communities

  • You have been charged with meter tampering

  • You have received Utility Assistance from Foundation Communities in the last 12 months


What to bring

  • A copy of your Austin Energy utility bill

  • A written list of your monthly income and expenses