Vote FOR Prop A!

Over the years, Foundation Communities has been able to welcome home thousands of our Austin neighbors to affordable, attractive and energy-efficient apartment communities with funding from bonds approved by Austin voters. Now, we’re asking voters to once again open their hearts and vote to bring more affordable housing to Austin.

Every Austinite deserves safe, affordable housing, in every part of our city! That’s why Austin’s $350 million bond on the November ballot, Proposition A, will invest in programs to address our housing affordability crisis, and help keep the city we love diverse and inclusive.

With the cost of living rising fast and Austin’s housing prices spiraling out of control, now is the time to take action to help ensure that working-class and low-income people – not just the very wealthy – can afford to live in our community. Passage of Prop A will create:

*    Preservation of existing, permanent affordable housing

*    Permanent low-income rental housing development

*    Permanent supportive housing to help fight homelessness

*    Ownership housing development assistance, including new housing

*    Home repair, including for Austin seniors and veterans

*    Development of affordable housing on publicly-owned land

*    Land and property acquisition throughout the city

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