Holiday Assistance Program: Information for Residents

If you are a Foundation Communities resident in need of assistance this holiday season with groceries, gifts, or household items, we want to help!


What is the Holiday Assistance Program?

The Holiday Assistance Program is a resource to help you access the things you want or need during the holiday season. Our generous neighbors in the community want to help, so Foundation Communities will match qualified residents with a community sponsor, who will then purchase gifts for your household.


A hispanic family of four, seatedWho can apply?

• Be a Foundation Communities resident
• NOT be employed by Foundation Communities
• Make less than $55,000/year for a household of four. If there are more than 4 people in your household, add $5,000 in income for each additional family member
• Everyone included on the application must be on the lease
• Lease violations may affect eligibility


How do I apply?


• Contact the Leasing Office, Learning Center Manager, or Case Manager at the community where you live for an application.
• Be ready to provide your contact information, income information, a list of household members, and gift card request for each person.
• If you’re comfortable, please include a photo of you / your family that we can share with your sponsor. A photo is not required.


What happens next?


We will review your application and if you are qualified, we will work to match you with a community sponsor.
• Submitting an application does not guarantee you will be matched with a sponsor.
• We cannot guarantee you will receive all or any of the requested gifts on your application.
• We ask sponsors spend $50-$100 per person.
• Sponsors come from different backgrounds. Not all residents will get the same amount of gifts.


Receiving Gifts
• Sponsor will drop off gifts with a staff person. Our staff will contact you when your gifts are ready to pick up.
• You are responsible for picking up your gifts. If you do not pick up your gifts or schedule an appointment to pick them up in a timely manner, Foundation Communities reserves the right to distribute the gifts to another household.
• When picking up your gifts, come ready to write a thank-you note that we will send to your sponsor.


Not a Foundation Communities resident?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer holiday assistance to non-resident households. We suggest contacting programs like Blue Santa, Brown Santa, or Salvation Army for holiday resources. If you are interested in learning more about housing with Foundation Communities or our other services (like free food pantries, free Financial Coaching, and free Tax Preparation), please visit https://foundcom.org/housing/ or call 512-610-4010.