TASFA Resource Page

Welcome to the Cash for College Resource Page! Use the resources below to help familiarize yourself with what happens now that you’ve done your TASFA! To find out more about Texas Financial Aid visit //www.collegefortexans.com/

Dreamer/DACA students, listen up! Your 2-year work permit and social security card does not give you access to federal financial aid. You need to apply for state funds through the TASFA.

Other Dreamer/DACA resources in Austin: Equal Justice Center, UT Law Center, United We Dream, University Leadership Initiative.

1. Know your school’s financial aid deadline

Most schools follow the state-wide financial aid deadline of March 15th, but some are earlier! Usually, schools will not accept the TASFA application unless it includes all of the supplementary documents required with it. So even after filling out the TASFA, you still have more to do before you can turn it in! And remember, state funding is first come, first serve.

Austin Community College info for Undocumented Students:


ACC Financial Aid Steps:


Texas State University Financial Aid Deadlines:


University of Texas at Austin Financial Aid Deadlines:


2. First Year/Transfer College Students: Complete College Admissions Process

College Submission Priority Deadlines:

If you haven’t already, submit college applications online. Make sure you send an official transcript from your high school. Apply individually to schools or submit the Apply Texas application at https://www.applytexas.org/

Austin Community College Admissions Steps:


Texas State University Admissions Deadlines:


University of Texas at Austin Admissions Deadlines and Steps:


3. TAXES: You Must Order a Tax Transcript from the IRS

Independent students must order a tax transcript for themselves

Dependent students must order a tax transcript for their parents and themselves if they worked.


Tax transcripts are not available from the IRS for at least 1 week after they’ve been submitted. Taxes must be accepted by the IRS before you can order one.



Instructions for ordering a Tax Return Transcript Directly from the IRS:


  • Go to www.IRS.gov
  • Under Tools, click Get Transcript of your Tax Records
  • Either Order Online or Get Transcript by Mail
  • Enter the required info and follow directions
  • You want the Return Transcript
  • If By Mail: The transcript will be mailed to the address on your taxes so if you’ve moved, be careful!
  • If Online: print a few copies of the Tax Return Transcript, make sure you have written down your passwords for the system somewhere.
  • Turn the Tax Return Transcript into the financial aid office IN PERSON if possible.


Why isn’t this working?

Common issues with ordering a tax return transcript

  • Too recent—maybe your tax return hasn’t been accepted by the IRS yet. You may need to wait longer. You might be able to check ‘where’s my refund’ to track the status.
  • Amendment—if you filed an amendment you likely won’t be able to order a tax return transcript.
  • Owe Taxes—if you owe taxes, even if you’re on a payment plan, often you can’t order your tax return until your taxes are paid in full.
  • Address—the address has to be entered EXACTLY as it appears on the tax return (1040). Yes, Drive versus Dr. versus Dr does matter.

Last Resort: If you’re unable to order a Tax Return Transcript on IRS.gov, you have 2 more options (see below). Do not wait too long to pursue these options. Deadlines are everything with financial aid.


  • Go in person to the local IRS building (825 E. Rundberg Ln.
    Austin, TX 78753) M-F 8:30am-4:30pm (512) 499-5127


  • Fill out form 4506-T and fax the request in.

4.   Complete Supplementary Documents:

  1. Verification Form-you can get this form from your school’s financial aid office or your online student account.
  2. Complete, Sign and Notarize SB 1528 Affidavit
  3. Males 18 to 25: Obtain your Selective Service Registration Card
  4. Other documents –check with your school’s financial aid office to see if they require anything else.


5. Submit the TASFA, Tax Transcript(s) and Supplementary Documents:

You will make a copy of all your documents for each school that you’re applying to. If possible, it’s best to turn the documents into the financial aid office in person and ask for a date-stamped receipt. Ask the office one last time if you are missing anything and how long it will take to process. If you are going to mail the documents, make sure you send them certified mail so you have a record of the documents sent.

6. Know your student ID # and school email


You should have access to an online student account for the school you’re attending or applying to. THIS is where you find out whether the school has received and processed your TASFA and whether they are missing any documents from you. Knowing your login is half the battle. The school will not call you to tell you what to do next; it is your responsibility to follow up.


ACC students: if you don’t know your ACCeID start here //www.austincc.edu/acceid

7. Log into your online school account often

a. Submit any missing financial aid forms your college requires. This information will appear on your student account.

b. Review your financial aid award through online account

  • Once all of your documents are turned in the school will offer you an award for both fall and spring semesters.

c. Accept/Decline Awards through online account

  • You must respond to the award offer in order to receive financial aid.
  • Awards will go to tuition and housing first and if there are funds left over, you will be due a refund.


8. Help Us Keep Track

Once you have accepted your award, please let us know how much you were awarded. You can email a screen shot of your financial aid award letter to fafsa@foundcom.org or call us at 512-610-4012 to give us the info over the phone. Having this follow up information helps us keep our free program running so thank you for your help!