Homestead Oaks: A Place for Families to Call Their Own

September 29, 2015 | Posted in Housing |

Almost all of us in Austin know someone who needs an affordable place to live. The people who call Foundation Communities home work in our favorite restaurants, play music downtown, teach our kids and build our houses. They are our colleagues, friends and family members. We want to be there for them. That’s why we continue to grow.

By the end of this year, we will welcome home another 140 families to our beautiful new Homestead Oaks community at Brodie and Slaughter, close to great schools and lots of job opportunities. Most of the families that move into Homestead will earn between $20,000 to $50,000 and they’ll pay, on average, $750 in rent.

Fourteen of the 140 apartments at Homestead will be reserved for extremely low-income, formerly homeless families with young children who will pay further reduced rents and have access to intensive case management services right where they live.

We look forward to providing our newest residents with the housing + support they need to succeed. At Homestead, this includes an on-site learning center for our after-school and summer learning programs, financial stability programs to help parents manage a tight budget, and health programs like Zumba and nutrition classes.

Homestead will be the perfect place for our residents to dream big. With 29 acres of land and 500 oak trees, it is sure to be our most picturesque community to date.

We like to imagine our students at the Stevenson Family Learning Center (named in honor of our beloved supporters John and Lois Stevenson) running and playing in the wide, open spaces. There will be a playground, tree swings, and forts. In the future, we also hope to scatter walking trails
throughout the property.

Our affordable housing communities are always built to the highest green standards, and Homestead is no exception. It will be certified LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Gold or Platinum and each apartment will have its own small solar installation. We are committed to keeping our residents’ utility bills low and our environmental footprint small.

Homestead would not have been possible without the aordable housing bonds that Austin voters approved in 2013, which we leveraged to secure critical state funds. We are thankful for the city’s support. We are also incredibly grateful to all of our generous donors who fund the on-site education, financial stability, and health programs that
truly transform people’s lives.

Foundation Communities is home to more than 5,000 people – including over 800 formerly homeless children – and counting. We can’t wait to open our doors at Homestead later this year and give 140 more families a beautiful, safe, affordable place they can call their own.