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Murals Become Part of the Big Picture for Foundation Communities Housing

April 25, 2024 | Posted in FC Creates, FC Creates: Arts, Housing, Uncategorized |

Whether they’re enjoying coffee hour or playing a bingo card, residents of Zilker Studios say they feel a sense of calm and serenity from the flower-filled mural that graces a […]


Following a Health Crisis, Resident Finds a Supportive Community at Spring Terrace

March 1, 2024 | Posted in Uncategorized |

There was a time when Susan Taylor was content living alone, enjoying social interaction at work managing stores and day care centers. Then one day, her health began to fail […]


Forecasting a Summer Opening for Parker Lane Apartments

February 28, 2024 | Posted in Healthy Initiatives, Green Building, Affordable Housing, Housing, Education, Health, Uncategorized |

At Foundation Communities, we’re excited that construction crews with BEC Austin have us on track for a summer opening for Parker Lane Apartments. The interest list is already open for […]


Another Harmonious Start to Open Enrollment at Prosper Center

December 16, 2023 | Posted in Uncategorized |

Before treating the crowd at Prosper Center – South to a healthy dose of great music, Austin musician and HAAM member Kelsi Creek talked about struggling with chronic ailments and […]


Immigrant Family Finds Safety, Stability through Foundation Communities Affordable Housing

September 25, 2023 | Posted in Housing, Education, Financial Stability, Uncategorized |

As the lead maintenance technician at Cardinal Point Apartments, Jeremiah Balingene stays very busy making repairs, and getting apartments ready for new residents. Thirteen years ago, he was in their […]


Prosper Benefits Assistance Program Helping Central Texans Dropped from Medicaid

September 25, 2023 | Posted in Uncategorized |

The Giraldos came into one of our Foundation Communities Prosper Centers recently interested in getting signed up for affordable health care coverage. Benefits Assistance staff members helped them get their […]


Building Zilker Studios: Seizing Opportunities, Overcoming Challenges

July 18, 2023 | Posted in Green Building, Affordable Housing, Housing, Uncategorized |

For Foundation Communities, building Zilker Studios was truly a “no-brainer.” It’s located on a half-acre of land that was donated by C12 Capital, the developer of The Loren at Lady […]