Quick Household Fixes For Our Residents

April 27, 2014 | Posted in Financial Stability |

We are currently catering to the needs of over 2,800 families and the numbers also include 228 children who were formerly homeless. We offer single adults 600 efficiency apartments to choose from and our work does not stop here. We also provide our households’ residents with a wide array of educational, financial, and health-related opportunities so they can make a better life for themselves. You can find us in Austin and North Texas if you are interested in one of our rentals – or if you wish to volunteer for us in any way. And because we like to throw all the focus on our residents, here are some quick repair tips for fixing things around the house when you are on a budget.


How To Rapidly Fix Annoying Home Ailments – By Yourself

Kitchen sink is so clogged you feel only a plumber can save you out of this one? try a solution made from half a cup vinegar and half a cup baking soda and pour hot, boiled water in and let it sit over the night. If this doesn’t do it, use a solution made of half a cup of salt and half a cup of baking soda and hot water. If this doesn’t work either, you might need to call a plumber to have the pipes detached from the sink and get the dirt clogging them out.  

If your locks are a little loose or you notice the door knob not working properly, before you perform a quick online emergency locksmith near me search on your laptop using the locksmiths-search database with 10,000 technicians in it, use some lubricant or a simple screwdriver and try to put the knob back in place. If this is not a matter of a loose screw, and your lock might need rekeying or some more advanced repair, it is best to contact a professional locksmith to avoid any unfortunate occurrences such as having to spend the night in an unlocked apartment. You are talking about your safety here, so you may want to pick the best solution possible, even if it means having to spend some money in the process.    


If you are confronting with the problem of annoying chairs ruining your beautiful flooring, use hammer in tacks you can attach felt pads to for your dining chairs and use rubber pads for your sofa and beds that usually stay in just one place around the house.