Here’s a free, online tool for filing simple tax returns

January 20, 2022 | Posted in Tax Services, Financial Stability |

Have a simple W2? Why pay fees when you can file for FREE! Visit to max your tax return today. MyFreeTaxes is secure and designed to help get you the most money back!  

MyFreeTaxes guides you through the filing process and notifies you if you are eligible for tax deductions and credits, like the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit. There is also a helpline available in English and Spanish so you can get live help from a real person trained by the IRS.  

All of this is available to you, at no cost, to ensure you get the biggest tax return possible!   

MyFreeTaxes can also help you with the following services:   

·       W-2 income 

·       Self-employment income  

·       Student education expenses, credits or student loan interest 

·       Unemployment income 

·       Earned Income Tax Credit 

·       Child Tax Credit  

·       Child and dependent care expenses 

MyFreeTaxes is available on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Taxes don’t have to be complicated, visit to file your taxes today!