Retiree “Neighbors Up” with Health Food Pantries

February 21, 2022 | Posted in Healthy Initiatives, Get Involved, Volunteer |

Mary Sapp could be spending lots of time visiting loved ones, doing hobbies or just relaxing. But, that’s not who she is. The retired advocate for the aging volunteers with Foundation Communities support services programs. Ten years ago, Mary started with Financial Coaching. She later began working with students in the ESL program. Now, at the active age of 76, Mary volunteers twice every month, working with our Healthy Food Pantry program at Sierra Ridge. In fact, she was one of the program’s first volunteers.

“A good part of my life, I’ve been concerned and committed to improving the quality of life of individuals in many different ways,” said Mary. “Foundation Communities provided me an opportunity to continue living out my values in ways that are important to me.”

When the pandemic struck in 2020, the Food Pantries saw an explosion of activity as they became a lifeline for people who had lost their jobs. Mary and other volunteers kept showing up, honoring their commitments to the program. Mary says it’s because she enjoys serving the clients and working with the program’s staff. She also appreciates Foundation Communities’ model of creating affordable communities that offer a variety of support services.

“That’s what happens at Foundation Communities,” said Mary. “Yes, it’s about housing, but it’s also about holistically caring for individuals and helping them be more successful.”

Foundation Communities is eternally grateful to volunteers like Mary, and the many residents who help us make our 26 affordable communities and our financial services centers all over Austin and North Texas places where their neighbors can find success and quality of life. You can explore volunteer opportunities with Foundation Communities at

In the next two weeks, we will be featuring some of those great people as part of our “Neighbor Up, Austin” campaign for Amplify Austin, March 2-3. We hope you’ll neighbor up and help us raise money for our support services programs on our Amplify Austin page at