Jewel Arrington Shines in the Financial Wellness Spotlight for July

July 1, 2022 | Posted in Financial Stability, Volunteer |

This month we would like to honor and celebrate our most seasoned volunteer Financial Coach, Jewel Arrington! Jewel has been a Financial Coach with the Financial Wellness program for 14 years. She brings incredible expertise, empathy, creativity and dedication to her role as a financial coach. Jewel is also currently the Chair of Foundation Communities’ Board of Directors. The Financial Wellness team is honored to work alongside her and grateful that we can offer our clients the opportunity to meet with such a wonderful coach!  

We asked Jewel how she got involved in the Financial Coaching program: 

“Several years ago I received an email from the Austin Financial Planning Association recruiting volunteers for FC’s financial coaching program. I was a new financial planner, interested in working with low and middle income people, so I thought the coaching program might be a good fit. I discovered that I enjoy the coaching approach to helping people, and I like working with people who have little access to traditional financial advice.” 

Why she believes Financial Coaching is important: 

“Financial coaching is important because it helps people who have the least access to financial advice find their way to financial stability from wherever they may be starting. It can provide support at a time of financial crisis, help overcome fear and shame related to financial problems, encourage a first step toward a goal, or provide accountability while working toward long term financial goals. Financial coaching doesn’t eliminate the hard work required to address financial problems, but it can reduce the suffering involved.” 

 Her favorite piece of financial advice: 

“My favorite piece of advice applies to many situations: start where you are and focus on the things you can control. As for specific financial advice, align your spending with your values and priorities. A budget is a way of making sure that you are spending your money on the things that matter most to you.” 

And what she likes to do outside of being a Financial Coach: 

“I enjoy being outside, and I go to Lady Bird Lake as often as possible. I love being with my family, which now includes a granddaughter in addition to my husband, daughter, daughter-in-law, and son. I love to read, and I enjoy doing taxes as a volunteer with FC’s tax help program.” 

Thank you, Jewel, for all that you do!  

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