Capital Studios: A Home in the Heart of Austin

September 30, 2014 | Posted in Housing |

Capital Studios, the first affordable housing in downtown Austin in 45 years, is set to open soon. Later this year, 135 individuals will move in to our brand-new community in the heart of the city we all love.

For our newest residents, Capital Studios will be a fresh start. Musician and current Foundation Communities resident Evan Johns said finding us made him feel like the luckiest man alive.

Evan toured the world playing music and earned a Grammy nomination. He moved to Austin and cemented his status as a guitar legend. But decades of being surrounded by free alcohol and drugs destroyed his bones, liver and kidneys. Evan sought treatment for his addiction but had little money and nowhere to go when it was time to leave.

Like many of our future Capital Studios residents, Evan would have been homeless without Foundation Communities. Now Evan spends his days doing what he loves – writing songs and playing guitar.

“I’m deeply grateful for getting a second chance at life,” Evan said.

We worked hard to overcome the challenges Capital Studios presented and are especially grateful to the early and energetic support of the Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association and the Downtown Austin Alliance.

As with all of our new communities, Capital Studios required neighborhood support, as well as citywide voter approval of affordable housing bonds, in order for us to secure state funding to build it.

Capital Studios will be home to our signature education, financial stability, and healthy living programs. Residents will have access to dedicated case managers, college prep classes, integrated health care, and one-on-one financial coaching, among other opportunities to transform their lives. We rely on the continued support of generous donors like you to fund these vital onsite services.

We can’t wait to welcome our newest residents to Capital Studios. We expect their stories, like Evan’s, will fill our hearts with hope and propel us forward. There’s plenty of work left to do to provide deeply affordable homes for those who need it most in Austin. Capital Studios moves us in the right direction.

Thank you to all of you for joining us on the journey to build this beautiful new community.

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