Aleman Family Secures Home and Hopeful Financial Future

January 20, 2017 | Posted in Housing, Financial Stability |

Jose and Rosa Aleman moved their family from Mexico to Austin in search of a better future for their three daughters. When they arrived in 2003, the family struggled financially and ended up moving multiple times due to rising rents. They were introduced to us through our Community Tax Centers and ultimately moved into our Trails at Vintage Creek community.

“Living at Vintage Creek was crucial,” Jose said. “It allowed my family to save money each month.”

Jose, a mechanical engineer and legal permanent resident of the U.S., left his construction job in Mexico because business was slow. He and Rosa decided to leave their home country and extended families behind so that their daughters could have the best educational and professional opportunities possible.

The Aleman family lived at Vintage Creek for two and a half years. During that time, Jose and Rosa participated in our matched savings program. For every $1 residents save, we match up to $8 (with a cap of $2,000) and residents are able to use these funds to pursue higher education, purchase their own home or start a small business.

With the assistance of our matched savings program and homebuyer classes, the Alemans left Vintage Creek in 2010 and bought their first home.

Melanie, the youngest of the Aleman children, was excited when they moved into their new house. “I could have a dog and paint my own walls,” Melanie said. “I could really make it my home.”

The Alemans have also participated in our one-on-one financial coaching, college financial aid assistance, and Insure Central Texas programs.

Jose, Rosa and their three daughters have utilized nearly every free financial stability program we offer. As a result, the Alemans sent their two older daughters to college and Melanie will be attending UT Austin in the fall. Each of the Aleman children have lived out their parents’ dreams for them — graduating at the top of their class and seeking out fulfilling careers.

Melanie hopes to be admitted into the engineering program at UT so that she can follow in her father’s footsteps.

“My dad gave up his career for us to have a better education,” Melanie said. “That motivates me every day.”

Jose said his family has always had a good experience with the trained volunteers who staff our financial stability programs, and he and Rosa regularly tell their friends about what a difference our services have made in their lives.

Our aim is to empower families with the financial tools they need to succeed. The Aleman family is a shining example of persistence, dedication and hard work paying off in the end.