Plan Ahead for a Less Stressed Holiday Season

October 28, 2020 | Posted in Financial Stability | Keywords: , , , , , ,

Needless to say that the 2020 holiday season will be like no other. This year, it’s more important than ever to plan ahead for the expenses that come with the holidays. But cutting down on expenses doesn’t have to mean that your holidays can’t be joyous. Here are some tips for minimizing cost while maximizing enjoyment.

Make a holiday budget. I know, not your idea of joy. But making a holiday budget can keep you from getting overwhelmed with expenses that just seem to pile up over the holiday season. Your holiday budget should include how much money you have or can set aside for added holiday costs, and a list of gift recipients and other expenses. A holiday budget is attached for you to try out.

Look for deals now. Many retailers are spreading their holiday sales over November and December, rather than having one-day deals on black Friday. With your holiday budget in hand, you can save on gifts throughout the coming weeks.

Plan for making (socially distanced) memories instead of buying gifts. This seems even harder to do during a global pandemic, so we have to get extra creative! Some ideas for meaningful, socially distanced activities are:

· Hold a decorating contest over video call. All participants show off their decorated home, room, doorway, or gingerbread house!

· Organize a cookie swap with your neighbors. Neighbors can leave cookies at each other’s front doors.

· Organize a food drive or fundraiser with friends and family. Donate the proceeds to a local charity.

· Send heartfelt hand-written cards to friends and family – make the cards yourself if you’re feeling crafty.

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