Dealing with Financial Ups and Downs – FINANCIAL WELLNESS UPDATE

August 3, 2021 | Posted in Financial Stability |

These are uncertain times, and for many of us, that means uncertain income. Fluctuation in the availability of work and childcare, as well as complicated tax credit rules can make it difficult to know how much money you can rely on in the near future.

So what do you do when you have more or less money than expected?

When you have less: If you won’t have as much as normal to count on, prioritize your expenses and cut where you can. Are there subscriptions you don’t use much? Can you spend less on going out to eat? What else can you do without until your income is back on track? You can also talk to your creditors about making alternate payment arrangements during financial hardship. Some creditors will allow you to skip a payment, change your due date, or change the minimum monthly payment. Whatever you do, try to avoid skipping payments altogether, or taking out expensive loans like payday loans.

When you have more: Are you getting a tax credit you weren’t expecting? Were you able to work extra hours? Rather than spending the extra on immediate wants, consider paying off debt or past-due bills. If you’re on track with bills, you can also consider putting some money aside in a savings account to help you weather financial storms to come. Your future self will thank you!

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