Client says don’t waste your money. Get free tax preparation from the Prosper Centers

January 4, 2023 | Posted in Tax Services |

For Norma Hernandez, her relationship with Foundation Communities’ Prosper Tax Help started with a television news report and a phone call. She heard the reporter say they were offering tax services for Central Texans free of charge, but it sounded too good to be true. She called the phone number and was so convinced she made an appointment.

“I’m very satisfied because they explained it to me step by step, and I understood everything. So, I didn’t have to ask questions,” said Hernandez.

And, the explanations were made in Spanish, Norma’s native language. She not only received an income tax refund, Norma also took advantage of the Advance Child Tax Credit program – monthly payments the federal government sent qualified parents before they filed their taxes. It brought some much-needed relief.

“The economy is, well, very difficult,” said Hernandez. “So, [the Advance Child Tax Credits] helped me with expenses for my children, for clothes and things they needed for school, to pay my bills, get them up to date because they were a little late. So, for me it was perfect.”

Hernandez says she will continue coming to Prosper Tax Help to file her taxes, especially since Prosper Center South is conveniently close to her home. She regularly tells co-workers to take advantage of the free service as well, and keep the 200 or 300 dollars they’ve been spending on tax preparation in their pockets.

 “I highly recommend that they come, because I am very satisfied with this place,” said Hernandez. “They can ask for the information that they need. And the best thing about this is that they do it in their language.”

Click on the video to hear why Ms. Hernandez talk about why she continues to have her taxes prepared at the Prosper Center.

 The Prosper Tax Help program will be open through April 18, 2023 at five community locations in Austin & Round Rock. Beat the rush and file taxes for FREE! Our Prosper Center North and South locations are now open 7 days a week with daytime, evening and weekend hours available! Visit or call 2-1-1 to schedule an appointment today!