Family Finds a Home and Pursues Dreams at Laurel Creek

April 27, 2023 | Posted in Housing, Affordable Housing, Financial Stability |

Edward and Rebecca Henderson had dreams of owning a farm. The parents of three girls, they were leasing property in Bastrop County on a “handshake” deal – they could one day buy it minus what they had paid in rent. But In 2016, the owner sold the property at a higher price and gave the family one month to move out.

“We were angry and felt betrayed,” said Edward. “I had to watch my wife cry. But we also realized we still had each other, we had God’s grace, and we had time to turn things around.”

They didn’t expect that turnaround to take six years. Unable to find an apartment they could afford in the Austin area, the Hendersons moved into a tiny home owned by a church shelter. Their next move was into an apartment in Giddings. After a few years, they decided they were too far from Austin, as Edward’s delivery work was costing too much in gas and time away from home.

In 2021, the family moved into an extended stay hotel in Austin. The hotel hired Edward, so that became their home, but a year later, he was told he could no longer live and work there.

They had two weeks to leave. That’s when Rebecca found out about Foundation Communities. She called us, and received a call back the next day saying her family could move into Laurel Creek if they met all the qualifications. They did.

Edward said, “It’s been a blessing; a supportive community where we feel calm and like we don’t have to worry.”

The Hendersons moved in through our Children’s HOME Initiative (CHI), which includes a significant rent reduction and services like financial coaching. The family’s financial situation is rapidly improving, which has them dreaming again about one day owning a farm.